How to reset Jasco/GE ZW3005 Wall Switches?

Hey all…my Vera Lite died and I replaced it with Vera Plus. I need to therefore add all my Zwave units (about 10) to the new unit. Since the old unit died, I can’t properly exclude the devices and then re-add them to the new Vera Plus. So far all has been fine, but I have two Jasco/GE ZW3005 In Wall Dimmers that I can’t seem to reset. I follow the instructions in the add a new device wizard and they won’t reset.

Anyone have any pointers how I can reset these things?



Had to do two things to fix this:

  1. Put the Vera Plus within a meter or so of the wall switches.

  2. The Vera instructions in the wizard I believe are wrong. I called Jasco, and they told me to click up and down on the rocker during the exclude section.

Once I did both of these, I was able to add both switchesto the new unit.