How to REMOVE Generic IO Devices in my Device List?

Hi i have a Vera Secure, Have a ton of devices connected for lighting etc and everything works great, but i have always had issues for years even with the vera plus with many of my devices having a “Generic IO X” device connected to the parent in addition to the correctly configured device. Some have up to 12 Generic IOs linked to one parent device, i have tried deleting all the items & re adding them but i still get random Generic IO devices in my device list. My question is is there a way to Hide a item (the Generic IO device) from my device list? since every thing works good i think just hiding the generic IO device is the best way to go in this situation if it is possible but i have not come across anything that shows how to do that

OK, two things,
First some devices will naturally have a child device that is odd like that and not particularly useful (often is some kind of secondary sensor or switch capability that you are not using). In those cases you can hide the device by calling the following:
Where xx is the device ID of the device you want to hide.
You can run that command in Apps->Develop apps-> Test Luup code

However if your device is spawning “ghost” child devices (which I suspect with the one with 12 generic devices) they may continue to spin off more child devices. The way to stop that is to go to the device then settings->Automatically configure and set the setting to “No”. This will stop Vera from re-creating child nodes when something goes wrong and it feels it needs to reset the device. You can then safely delete the child devices and see if they still re-appear. You can then hide any that re-appear as needed, but frankly that should happen at that point unless the device is just wonky somehow.

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Thank you for the reply, Ok that appears to work, could i just change all my devices to disable auto configure settings to no? is there a way to do that without individually doing it to each item? this seems to be a common issue for me possibly due to the spread of the zwave network and multiple buildings etc

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