how to remove force upgrade for veralite


I m new veralite user.

do we need to remove the ‘forced upgrade’ flag from your VERA so that you can stick to UI5?
if yes, how do it?

because UI7 giving my devices some issue.
the switch sometime turn on by itself or it refuse to turn off if u click.

please help

Please do not double post. This is mentioned in several different threads, you need to contact MCV support.

  • Garrett

noted w thanks.

hi all

I have successfully downgrade from UI7 v1.7.439 => UI5 v1.5.622

step by step

process A

  1. submit request ticket to, to remove the “forced upgrade flag” from your vera unit.
  2. vera support will ask you to enable tech support on your vera unit
  3. to do this please go to your User&Account Info > Tech Support
  4. click on the Enable button, after that please copy the phrase that gets generated
    into email to vera support. In case, if, it is already enabled, please click on Disable first
    and then click on Enable again.
  5. once the access codes are generated please copy the entire phrase into e-mail so that vera support can see it & remote into your vera unit.
    (E.g. xxxxxxxx-xxxxxx (ssh: SSH_22=xxxxx TS_SRV=us-ts xx)).
  6. wait for replied from vera support that they have remove the “forced upgrade flag” from your vera unit.

process B
please install UI5 on the unit only if you are at the same location

  1. from your dashboard please go to SETTINGS? → Firmware?
  2. copy this link:
  3. paste it in the text box Advanced: URL for Vera custom firmware
  4. press the download? button
  5. choose save backup [to play safe]
  6. choose to keep my current settings and configuration
  7. click on start upgrade
  8. you should wait about 10 to 20 minutes until the downgrade is done.
  9. you will see upgrade failed. it is fine because you are doing downgrading process.
  10. reboot your vera unit & reload your broswer
  11. go to in order to be able to access your vera unit

reasons for me to downgrade from UI7 to UI5
hardware I m using are following
1 unit veralite
8 nos. popp on/off switch

problems I m facing for my very basic simple needs under UI7

  1. about 20 unknown devices appeared on my device list
  2. unable to deleted alerts status on the dashboard where I had deleted the alerts status at alerts page
  3. 1 of my light & 1 of my fan on/off by itself sometimes without any coding.

its took about 10 days on my this issue. you have to be very patience with vera support.
I hope my sharing will be helpful to new user of vera owners.

cheers. :slight_smile:

updated on 14 dec 2014 4pm
after downgraded to UI5, there’s
no more unknown devices appear by itself.
no more alerts status at dashboard that cannot be removed
no more switches turn on/off by itself.

cheers :slight_smile: