How to Question: Two triggers with AND not OR?

How do you have a scene trigger if two conditions are meet (TRUE) instead of the default OR (either one TRUE)? This seems so basic but I can’t figure it out.

For example 1, A motion detector turns a light on only if another sensor detects a light threshold under X.

For example 2, Turn a light on if a motion detector detects movement but only if the light dimming level is below x %.



This is a common question and it is indeed surprising this is not built in.

Note that there is always only one trigger which can be checked with other conditions. I.e., in your case, the motion is the trigger, and it is conditioned against other variables.

Or you can also see:,13802.0.html

Thanks to both of you. I hope some simple logic is in the future. I do some programming so I will now attempt to learn some scripting. AND & OR functions for any programming logic is essential for the most basic use. Adding that logic could make this much more robust.

For what its worth, I don’t think paying for a third party plugin for such basic functions should be expected of any buyer of this product.

You will find that most folks that use PLEG are quite happy with it’s ability. It was developed because the product does not cater to automation users …
It’s quite complex to provide much of the functionality that PLEG provides using LUA directly.

If you don’t already know Lua, then PLEG is the way to go. Even if you do know Lua, PLEG is probably still the way to go.

PLEG is worth the price!