How to Poll Ademco alarm or sensors and send notification if open after dusk?

As the subject says, I’d like to have Vera poll my Ademco Vista 20P alarm for any open sensors around the perimeter of my house (mostly garage door) and send me a text message if they are found to be open after dusk.

I’m a relative newbie, so I need a bit of hand holding to get this done.

Thanks in advance!

Well, a month has passed and nobody has any suggestions for me…

Any tips on where to start?

My past experience with notifications from these sensors was not pleasant. They send constant alerts while the sensor is tripped around every 10 seconds. It was very annoying. I never looked into a way to suppress the continuing notifications.


Is there a generic “not ready” status that could be used instead of polling for a specific sensor?

You can use the PLEG, Day or Night, and VeraAlerts plugins to do this.

alarmNotReady Alarm is NOT READY to arm
isNight Day or Night indicates Night time.

doorOpen alarmNotReady AND isNight

VeraAlerts SendAlert Message=Door Open Recipients=recipient

This worked. Hadn’t tried PLEG yet but after a few hours of fiddling I got it to go…


I ended up with:

alarm_not_ready Alarm is NOT READY to arm
dusk Day or Night indicates Night time

perimeter_fault alarm_not_ready and dusk and (alarm_not_ready; dusk)[i] - only notifies if doors were already open at dusk ignores later opening

Need to check “Repeats” since alarm_not_ready is considered as previously true.

Using Vera notification when a condition is satisfied

Thanks for the help!