How To Monitor if Device is Offline

I could not find a way to natively do this. Here’s my use case:

  1. I have an outdoor freezer
  2. Freezer is plugged into a standard GFCI outlet
  3. occasionally the GFCI trips and I don’t know until I notice the freezer appears off the next time I use it. This has happened about 2 times in 3 years.
  4. I purchased a power plug like this: in order to find out when the GFCI trips and to monitor power consumption

Issue: there’s no native way I was able to determine from Vera to “notify when device offline” so I had to get creative.

Fix: Installed Reactor App and build 2 simple “sensors”

Sensor 1: This is the one that I use to actively poll my device:

Sensor 2: This is the one I use to check on the failed consecutive poll attempts and send me a notification if too many fail

You would want to tweak how often you notify and poll based on your requirements. My notification in my example will notify me hourly once 5 or more consecutive poll attempts fail. I poll every 10 minutes so basically I will know if the freezer is offline for an hour or more. That was sufficient for my requirements.

Hope this helps someone else.


Lol! I have the literal exact same issue and near exact same reactor sensors…haha!

You should have posted :slight_smile: would have saved me some time figuring it out! At least this will be here for future googlers…

Lol, sorry. Never thought about it for this one. :slight_smile:

Just to point out for future folks as well… there’s no reason this cannot all be done in two groups inside just one ReactorSensor.

That did not occur to me. Maybe because I just started using it. I’ll probably revise my setup tonight. Thanks for the heads up.

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