How to manually add a LightwaveRF switch with RFXtrx?


I have the RFXtrx device set OK - with AD / LightwaveRF enabled.

I have a light switch installed

I read elsewhere that the switch must be added manually if no remote control is used (I don’t have one)

How is the newly created light switch (in Vera GUI) linked to the physical light switch - to control it?

Thanks for any help

You have to pair the Vera/RFXtrx with your light switch, exactly as you will do with a remote. There is certainly a process to do that in LightwaveRF.
For the unit code, I don’t remember for LightwaveRF if it is hardcoded in the light switch or not. If it is, you have to use the unit code of your light switch when creating the Vera device.


Couldn’t work out how to pair it.

So went out and bought a £10 remote control from B&Q - paired with that and the light (and remote) appeared immediately and are controlable by Vera


  • Andrew

To pair the Dimmer with out using a remote you just need to go to the RFXtrx plugin under Devices screen and you will find a button that says “Add LWRF Dimmer”. Before you click that you need to give the light switch a hex value and a unique id for the switch (01 - 16).

Once you have giving it a hex value (think of it as a remote control ID) and a device ID number click the button “Add LWRF Dimmer” and put the switch into pair mode. It will Pair.

Note: If you have paired a dimmer by a remote, take a look a the dimmer in Vera under devices and you will see it has a hex value and a 2 digit ID. From this you can figure out the format and take the remote back to B&Q (if it was not in a frikin blister pack you have to damn near destroy to open)