How to make the Sunricher touch panel trigger scenes in Vera

I have a handfull of The Sunricher 4 Groups Single Color Touch Panel Z Wave Secondary Controllers (SR-ZV9001T4-DIM-EU). One reason why I bought then is that they was adverticed to be able to run scenes through four buttons labeled S1, S2, S3 and S4. Though, out of the box this seems to not be working with Vera. But it does actually work with a correct config of the device.

I wrote a small How To on how to set this up to play well with Vera and thought I would share it:

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Hei Trygve

Would this also work for Sunricher SR-ZV9001K2/K4/K8? I did install it according to the attached document from Tronika Bergen Norway (could not upload as the file type was not accepted for upload). Note that the procedure includes a json file for the device.

Sunricher SR-ZV9001K2/K4/K8 controllers setup manual for VERA UI7.

This device setup manual make possible to use Sunricher SR-ZV9001K2/K4/K8
type controllers as “Central Scene Controller” and “Controller for Direct
Nodes Associations”.
JSON file download:
Sunricher SR-ZV9001K2/K4/K8 buttons (Scenes) numbering (front view of
1 ---- 2 (K2 type) 1 ---- 2 (K4 type) 1 ---- 2 (K8 type)
3 ---- 4 3 ---- 4
5 ---- 6
7 ---- 8
Central Scene Controller feature and respective Variables (Controller
Menu: Advanced -> Variables):
sl_CentralScene: 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8
sl_CentralSceneAttr: Short press: 128; Release: 129; Held: 130
1. Upload downloaded D_CentralSceneController_Sunricher1.json file to
your VERA gateway.
(Via Menu: Apps -> Develop apps -> Luup files (Upload). Wait for the
engine restart).
2. Now you can make the Sunricher Controller inclusion (on very short
distance to gateway) following the User Manual (Select “Generic Z-Wave”
on VERA). Also wait to write Device Name and Room Selection (interview
process must be finished).
3. Go into “Advanced” tab on the controller device and change respective
fields to:
device_type: urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:SceneController:1
device_file: D_SceneController1.xml
device_json: D_CentralSceneController_Sunricher1.json
category_num: 14
subcategory_num: 0
Select “Variables” tab and look on the “NodeInfo” field. If you have just
this values: 55,5e,6c,98,9f,
make change (Edit) to this values:
4. Click on “New Service”, then "Reload Engine"

Installing the device resulted in losing most of my zwave network. And restored and tried again with the same result and I have no idea why.

Note: I use a Vera Pluss FW:1.7.4001 which has been extrooted in order to use a external SSD for more space.

Any thoughts!

I have a couple of the Sunricher SR-ZV9001K2/K4/K8 and they do work with Vera if you follow the instruction from Tronika. You assign scenes to each button the same way as you do in the document I wrote.

Thanks… I think there is something fundamental wrong as I can not include ANYTHING without most of my Zwave network beeing lost. I have upgraded to 7.29 today which went fine but the problem persists. So have to contact support …


I don’t see how or where you can buy the Sunricher products. Nothing is for sale on their website and I don’t see any distributors in the U.S.

Send them an email and ask =)