how to link fanlinc with PLM

I have a fanlinc and I am trying to get it working with my veraLite and Alsteon. I knwo that I am supposed to link a device to the PLM before alsteon can use it. THis is a simple process with somethign like a switch or plugin module but I’m nto sure how to do it with a fanlinc.

What is the process to link a fanlinc with the PLM? Do i have to link each fan speed to the PLM?

Did you follow the instructions that came with the fanlinc?

  • Garrett

yea I followed those directions but they talk about linking to a controller like a Keypadlinc or remotelinc and in that case I have to link each fan speed to a button on the controller. I am wondering if the same goes for the PLM. I know how to link it but I am wondering if I have to link each fan speed and both the on and off state for the light.

No, put the plm in link mode, press the light button on the fanlinc. Repeat for fan button. No need for each state.

  • Garrett

ok great - thats what I was looking for - thanks!

Just for completeness, and in case your fan is harder to get to, you can also do it via the CLI: (or via the GUI if you are running the development version):

From the CLI: plm start_all_link 1 1 <FAN_ID> enter_link_mode 1 .... wait until "all linking completed" appears... plm start_all_link 1 1 <FAN_ID> enter_link_mode 2

If you have the development version of Altsteon:
Click wrench for PLM device:
Just above “PLM All-Linking”
1) Under “Role” enter 1, under Group (), enter 1
2) Click “PLM Start All Link” button
Under “Place Device in Link or Unlink Mode”
3) Enter FanLinc Device ID in “Device” box
4) Enter 1 in "Group Box
5) Click “Enter Link Mode”
Wait a few seconds for each device to beep

Repeat entire process (from step #1 on) except enter “2” in “Group” box of step 4.