How to implement a simple Door Ajar Alert

I have a door/window open/closed sensor. I want to be notified via SMS if the door is left ajar for more than 10 minutes, but I’m not sure how to implement this. Do I need LUA or PLEG? Anyone done this before?

I am using the countdown timer plugin for this.

Door open - start timer
Door closed - cancel timer
Timer completes - send alert

If you go PLEG you would create an input caused by your door being open (DoorAjar) and then create a condition
That checks to make sure the door is currently open and that it was opened 10 minutes ago:
DoorAjar AND (DoorAjar; Now >10:00)

Then set a notification up on that condition.

I think PLEG has the best solution for this. See PLEG Example - Detect Door Left Open with Repeated Notifications

If you use the Vera Alerts plugin you will have FAR better alerting options than the built in Vera SMS notifications. If you also have an Android phone and use the Vera Alerts app with the Vera Alerts plugin, you’ll have the best solution possible. Your Android phone can speak the alert; “Door xyz left ajar” every x minutes.

I use such a setup for a few of my doors, including garage doors. It announces on Android phones and Sonos speakers in the house.