How to get Vera to work with ActionTiles

I just found out about ActionTiles (I don’t get out much). I emailed the company and they said Z-wave and my VeraPlus won’t work with their app. Is there a way to use my 30 or so Z-wave devices with AT or should I scrap the Vera and get a SmartThings hub?

ActionTiles works only with SmartThings and possibly Hubitat through unofficial channels. It is certified as a Works With SmartThings setup.

I doubt we see that move to Vera anytime soon. In fact, one of the ActionTiles co-founders just passed away last month. I’m not sure what that will mean for their future.

I use SmartThings for part of my automation and do not use ActionTiles. They do have an excellent product, though. SmartThings has 3 separate dashboard companies like this, so there’s variety, and I’m not even counting Imperihome. Vera, sadly, lags behind in this segment.

You may also want to look at looks very interesting.

Have a look at “Home Remote” they support Vera.

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