How to fix: Vera Secure no longer getting temperature updates from thermostats?

We have two Vera Secure devices that at first received regular temperature updates from multiple thermostats, in other words things worked fine. The Veras though have now stopped getting temperature updates. The thermostats were paired and are running on AC power and should be sending regular temperature reports. The Z Wave network connectivity is good. We can send commands to the Vera and have them propagate to the thermostat. Polling frequency is 30 seconds. We are running the most recent firmware.

But, the only way to get updated temperature readings from the thermostats is to reboot the Vera, at which time it pulls in new readings, which then don’t change until the next reboot.

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?

Make and model of the thermostats?

Honeywell T6 Pro Z Wave.

I’m not familiar with this thermostat. I was wondering if there might be a Z-Wave parameter setting(s) relating to the Temp sensor and its reporting, but looking at this user manual here, there doesn’t appear to be any.

How long were they functional before they stopped? Does the “poll now” option produce any results?