How to create a scene with a schedule and countdown timer

I created a scene that switches a light on at the same time of day for every day of the week. After the light is switched on it counts down 4 hours before switching off. Thought I’d just share how I did it.

  1. go to Automation>scene>new scene
  2. name your scene i.e, light timer
  3. click on a device(s) “ON” button that you want to be switched on
  4. click schedule
  5. click add schedule
  6. name your schedule i.e., “light timer”
  7. click day of the week based radio button
  8. click radio buttons for the day(s) of the week you want the devices to come on
  9. select the time of the day you want the devices to come on
  10. click done
  11. click confirm changes
  12. click save
  13. click automation
  14. click the wrench on your new scene that you named in step 6 above
  15. click immediate and click manage delays
  16. enter the time require for count down, then select seconds, mins, or hours as required.
  17. click done/close
  18. click the “OFF” buttons on the devices you switched on in step 3 above
  19. click confirm changes
  20. click save

Your done. Now when the day and time becomes true the devices will switch on. After the countdown you defined they will switch off.

Thanks for sharing.

For actions delayed more that 30 minutes to an hour, I’d recommend that you consider two scenes. One scheduled for ON and a second scheduled for Off.

The problem with extended delays, such as your 4 hour delay, is that if anything happens to Vera like a power failure, reboot, or LUUP restart, then the delayed Off action will be lost and your devices won’t turn off. With a scheduled scene for Off, the Off command will be sent at teh scheduled time, regardless of what happened to Vera beforehand.

I hadnt thought of that. I spent ages trying to work out how to do it with just a single scene. At least I learnt a few things along the way. Thanks for your feedback. Much appreciated.

Or check out PLEG.