How to control TV, audio with VeraEdge in Australia?

Logitech Harmony HUB for Australian market does not seem to support ZWave :frowning:

I simply want to run power on off the TV.


I guess the do sell the Harmony Hub based products? You can have control using the Harmony Hub plug in.

Details are here : [url=,83.0.html],83.0.html[/url]

Cheers Rene

Can you give a better example of what you are trying to do?
Are trying to use you tv remote to control lighting etc or
Are you trying to control your tv via Vera scenes

Do you have a link to the model you are referring to?

I suspect you mean the “Harmony Home Hub” but it’s all rather vague from your initial question.

I want to switch on on off my tv.
Harmony Hub not avail in Australia.


Looking at the logitec web site they do sell the Harmony Companion and Elite in your country. Both have the Hub included. I am not talking about the Z-Wave one, but the WiFi based Hub.

Cheers Rene

You can use an ITach IR device or Keene IR Anywhere device, they will work with any IR based remote and Vera. Both have plug-ins for the Vera.

For either one you need to by a IR emitter or blaster to send the IR signal to your TV.

If you don’t have wired Ethernet close to your TV than go with a ITach Wireless IR device.

Thanks guys,
reneboer, and how to control TV trough WiFi hub?


When you install the Harmony Hub plug-in on your Vera you can start any of the activities you define on the Harmony from the Vera using scenes or the web interface. It also can detect the current activity if you change it from the remote or hamony app and start a scene based on that.

Details on the vera plug-in are here : [url=,83.0.html],83.0.html[/url]

Cheers Rene