How to clean up some space of VeraLite

I’m using a VeraLite and the latest firmware update require some space but available space is too small to proceed the update… How to release some space safely?

There are likely old unused files like backups and logs that can be removed to make the necessary space. You’re best bet is to contact support and have them do it for you.

You could also backup your config, factory reset your Vera and then apply the update. After that, you can restore your config from backup. This is a dangerous option, especially if you’re not familiar with Vera’s workings.

Call support.

I had a similar message a couple of days ago but today, I have enough room and the update is in progress.

I used z-waver’s recommendation because the guy from support said I had bad sectors and this method would work. It did work and I luckily had no trouble using this method.

Thank you guys for the suggestions!