How long for conditions, etc to be evaluated upon creation?

I’ve noticed that when I add a new device trigger or condition, the value doesn’t appear to be evaluated right now - there’s no value and there’s no value for when it was last true or false.
How long does it take for these to be calculated? Is there a timer that does this? Is there a way to force this to happen?
I’ve also noticed that when I chance the logic action for a condition, that doesn’t appear to be picked up immediately either. If I have a condition that triggers logic action A, then I change that condition to trigger logic action B, when should I expect it to start triggering logic action B instead of A? My initial testing seems to indicate it continues to trigger action A for an unknown period of time before picking up the change to start triggering B instead. THis may or may not be tied to how long it takes for new conditions, etc to be evaluated.

Answered my own question as far as forcing it to happen - just noticed the ‘Reload LUA’ under the ‘Editor Options’ and that appears to force evaluation of all new device triggers, conditions, logic actions, etc.

But I’m curious how often this happens naturally without a forced reload?

It only happens on a reload …
there is to much consistency that is required to do this incrementally.

Timers can’t be canceled, so a restart, recreates all the timers with the current/new definition.