How do the mesh bots handle changes

I have a meshbot that has a 4 hour wait in it.
I change it to 6 hours at 3 hours in. What does the bot do? Does it stick to the original delay or does it amend it and use the new one. Then use the new delay on subsequent runs.
I realize this isn’t a constant issue, I’m just wondering because if I’m testing and moving the delays around, I want to know how it is affected internally.

I am guessing it goes to the new delay immediately and starts the delay over.

Do you mean the meshbot changes the delay dynamically due to some trigger condition (not sure how you would do that)? or you just edited an existing meshbot midway through its running?

I am not sure with Ezlo but in Vera it was highly discouraged to have long delays in actions. That was because if the hub gets reset for any reason (and Vera reset often back in the day) the delay is abandoned and will never occur. This is the reason a lot of people went to PLEG which wasn’t effected by resets (some sort of timer based delay which was more robust).

Not sure if delays survive a reset on Ezlo.

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Sorry, I didn’t make myself clear. If I make a change, what happens

Hi @BillC ,

Currently we also discourage having long delays in actions. Also they cannot still stand a service restart.
And the actions in delay will still be scheduled to run even if the meshbot is deleted.(We will double check this) Currently there is no ability to cancel them however we are working on a cancellation mechanism.

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