How Do I Turn Off Harmony Activity With A Scene?

I am trying to automate my Harmony hub activities. I have managed to create a scene in which my “watch XBMC” activity turns on, but I do not know how to turn it off with a scene. A little help would be wonderful!


  • Ricky

WEll, that depends…do you want to “shut down” everything on your hub? If so, then click “OFF” and that should do it (activity ID -1 I “think”)

If you want it to be dynamic (for instance, going from Watch XBMC → Play Xbox or Watch XBMC → Watch Roku), then I think you’ll need some kind of “logic” to determine how to get from each activity to another (including off) depending on other information.

Wait a second, I go to the “Activities” tab and under the drop down list for all of the activities I can have, there are only the activities I have set up in the Harmony remote itself. There’s no option for “off”. Unless I misunderstood the directions…?

I believe I can figure out how to switch from one scene to another with Tasker. I’m incorporating Vera into my Tasker automation.

In mine, the Activity is called “PowerOff”.

Hi Ricky,

In the list of activities you should see all the activities you defined and one called PowerOff. Make sure you use that for a button so it will show with the Harmony Control on your Vera screen. Then you can use that button in the scene editor.

Cheers Rene

Hahaha, You know I attempted at making an activity in my Harmony Remote called Power Off and I assumed that was the unsuccessful activity I made and for some reason was still showing up even though I deleted it. Thanks it’s all working like a charm!