How do I resize a button? Am I missing an option here?

Here’s a screenshot of my interface:

Shouldn’t there be a “button size” button or something along those lines in there? I’ve been banging my head against a wall trying to work out how to make buttons bigger for a couple of days, it’s finally time to just admit defeat and ask :smiley:


Lets see the picture of the page your working on. usually I thought the button size was done by the box size. And if your using an image down toward the bottom (third up from your pic) you have

Actual size
fill area
size to fit

which will change your image or icon size.

Buttons are laid out on a grid which is visible on the control screen in edit mode. A button will always have the size of the grid cell it is placed into.

You can change the grid size by selecting a group of grid cells (tap and drag to select them), then use the Grid button (looks like # ). Then make the grid cells in your selection larger or smaller by decreasing or increasing the number of cells in that area.

Ok, so I am an idiot afterall, glad we got to the bottom of that :wink:

Thanks guys.