How do I move devices from a USB dongle to Vera3, I no longer need to use the do

I have been upgrading from Vera2 with USB dongle for AU to a new Vera3 AU. Everything goes well and I can see all devices if I transfer the dongle across to Vera3. Is there a way to transfer the devices stored on the dongle to be only on the Vera3?
I have tried all the back up procedures mentioned elsewhere and these procedures simply restore the dongle supported system I had on Vera2 to the new Vera making it also dongle supported.

Did you change the z-wave port to: /dev/ttyS0

That’s a zero on the end.

Otherwise, just guessing: z-wave settings/advanced/controller shift

yes, I’ve changed the port. I haven’t had a look at the second point you mentioned though, will check that later today.

During the restore, if you also check the “Restore Z-Wave network” as part of the process, it will transfer the z-wave devices contained on previously contained your AU USB dongle to the Vera 3. Modify the USB port as you have indicated you did and check the devices functions. Once when this is complete, you should not require your dongle. If it fails, repeat to ensure the process and if it fails again, submit ticket.

Lastly, if function do a back up of your new Vera 3.

Thanks Brientim, I have done all that on 2 occasions with no result. On the second occasion, the devices become momentarily visible but then disappeared.
I have tried manually including a device on the vera3 and that works fine.

Hello TerryB
Run the command below from your browser and does it display any devices?

modify VERA_IP_ADDRESS to the ip address of your Vera

Only one device is displayed - a generic IO device that does not exist in the Vera2

Can you confirm the Vera 2 firmware?
I start from scratch by backing up the Vera 2 ZWave and then full backup. There is always a chance it is corrupted.
Before you restore to the vera 3 do the basic setup add room, location etc and then restore.

Will try that shortly.
Interestingly, after I’ve restored to Vera3 all of the devices are visible but I get the ZWave dongle missing error, I then change the port to /dev/ttyS0 and then all the devices disappear and the generic device appears.

Backed up the vera2, created a new room and moved a device into it. Restored the back up and the configuration returnrd to what it was, ie room disappeared and device was back in original room.

Looks like I may need to disassociate all my devices and include them into the new vera3 network.

It maybe the faster option.

Thanks for the assistance - will start on the manual route.