How do I exclude a device from "all off" or "all on" command?

Been acquiring z wave products for awhile now. Got all my extras out of attic because I finally got my Vera 2 to quit with the “no z wave dongle” error. Hooked up my garage opener with a plug in light controller and a 24v relay that only opens the door when the device turns on. I have to turn it off then on again to shut it remotely. Also have outside lights on a z wave wall switch. My wife and kids like to use the all on or all off button on my remotes. How do I exclude some devices from my HA03 or HA07 remotes? It’s so convenient to have them by the couch and hate to get rid of them. Would it be better to just get a different company of switches that aren’t on the z wave network and still have control thru vera? (i.e.- insteon or x10)

You can actually program the switches to repsond to all on/all off by using that HA07 remote you have (even though it is a secondary controller).

I do not quite remember the button sequence on the HA07 to enable or disable all on/all off, but you will find it in the HA07 manual. You only need to do it once, using only one of the HA07s.