How do I build a Virtual Thermostat Device ?

I’m a newbie that has just got some HVAC code working. For reasons not worth getting into, I have elected to extend the functionality beyond the standard MIOS device and scene UI and I am pleased to say that my code is working fine.

I now want to extend the functionality using a remote (Android phone with AutoHTN) to enable me to modify the temperature in one or more rooms (independently controlled) via my wifi connection or via the internet. Room temp control is automatic depending on time of day/occupancy/at home/away etc but I want the additional facility of the user being able to vary the temp for a transient period. It will then be reset by the system to its auto value at some later time.

I am working on the idea that if I am able to build a virtual thermostat device for each room that looks to AutoHTN like the real deal. AutoHTN software will then be able to suck these up as part of its setup and display them on the touch screen thereby offering the user the facility of changing the temperature setpoint using AutoHTN’s GUI.

I then need to get the new setpoint and plug it in to the appropriate variable in my code via an event triggered by the user modifying the temp.

I’ve been over the Wiki but still have no good understanding as to how to build such a virtual device.

Of course there may be a better/easier method for doing this. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

AutoHTN looks for the HVAC_ZoneThermostat:1 in the JSON data. If your virtual device can mimic this and create the same data in the overall JSON array, then AutoHTN should be able to find it. Have you looked through the xml files in Vera? The set variable and read variable commands come from there so that would be the first place to start to make sure you have the right syntax. Hope this helps and sorry it took so long.

@terencec did you get any further with your virtual thermostat (and if so are you able to share you did this, or for that matter anybody else on how I could build a virtual thermostat that pulls temperature data from an HSM100 and then switches on some heaters on a an appliance/BinaryLight device)?