How can we prevent Upgrades

hey how can i prevent the upgrades without taking the entire vera plus offline

Don’t upgrade right away, wait for others to report back with their experience. That’s how I go about it

Someone posted and os.execute command several years ago, I’ve never been able to find if since.
It worked well until you did upgrade to STABLE FW, after that you needed to run it again to get rid of those annoying messages.
IIRC, this was also on the feature requests that never made it.

It depends on what triggers your upgrade. Are you talking about the the vera trying to upgrade itself of about the annoying upgrade screen on the UI?

For the automated upgrade, my recommendation, short of using extroot and upgrading on the extroot external drive, would be to block access to the specific mios server from your router. You can do that with a DNS proxy like pihole or with your router if it offers this capability.

If you are talking about the annoying UI page then @zedrally is correct. You could just edit the /etc/cmh/version_latest file.

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