How can I temporarily disable a lock code?

I have a Schlage lock and have a code for a cleaning service. The code is restricted to only a certain day and timeframe, and that all works great. My question is how do I temporarily disable that code from working. For example, if I’m away, I don’t want them to use the code. I have a few workarounds like deleting and then recreating it, or changing the restriction to some other day and only be valid for 1 minute (like 9:00am-9:01am) but isn’t there a way to just DISABLE a code until I reactivate it?

I have been unable to get restrictions to work with my Schlage lock as of yet but to answer your question go back into the restrictions and uncheck the days they are allowed access.

I believe you have to check some day or time when using restrictions. It can’t be all unchecked. Anyway, worse case, I’ll use the workaround I posted.
Thanks for your suggestion.