How can I sense high voltage circuit with zwave

I’m using a high voltage generator in a project. 6v DC in and 100kv out. When the high voltage output is fired I’d like to see that on my Vera. How can I do this?

Many thanks

You are asking about the 100kV side? That seems like an interesting problem. I found the Ionic Wind Voltmeter near the end of this paper quite interesting:

I regret not learning more from my first year adviser at the university who was a researcher in the high voltage research lab. I thought digital electronics was the only interesting field at the time. I was definitely wrong about that. There was so much to learn in that lab…

Is this for AC or DC? Might be safest to buy some sort of commercial equipment that detects it and then figure out how to have Z-wave detect the commercial equipment output. I.e., have Z-wave monitor an LED for on/off.

I’m curious to hear what you end up doing.

Im using a voltage generator with a 6v DC input to produce 100KV DC output.

I wondered if I could some kind of current sensor to trigger Fibaro relay?