Hoping New Hardware Coming Soon!

I have been hanging in here for almost 10 months waiting for new hardware. It’s good to see new firmware, but honestly the system is flawed when it comes to upgrades. Looking for your alternatives. Can we expect to see something soon?

I guess the question here is what would drive the need for new hardware? Everything We have seen from the roadmap so far has been indicating a drive towards a cheaper less powerful controller. At the same time, I am not observing any need for anything new on the hardware side maybe besides more RAM and more flash storage. I have been running my vera on a virtual machine with much more powerful hardware and can now confidently say that the CPU is not the bottleneck and that all the limitations of the vera is within it’s software. The devs are addressing the upgrade bricking issue due to the storage partitioning on the next release. Beyond this there is really no justification for any new hardware.

I look forward to the “new” as well but don’t forget that we will cover most of these flaws for our existing customers as well. We’re making huge progress when it comes to memory and fw upgrades management for all controllers, and fixes should come with the next firmware.

Yes, new hardware is coming and will cover anyone’s home automation needs.


And from my experience the VeraSecure really solves the RAM issue compared to the Plus (as I always have plenty free), but the flash storage is still a problem on all current models.

The only new hardware I could possibly think of wanting would be a zwave 700 radio. But nothing is preventing us from just getting a usb stick for it and add it to the vera when it gets released. No really the software/firmware revision is all I would want. For new customers, new hardware could definitely expand the market for mios but for us existing users, there is really nothing we could benefit from new hardware…

I agree the ram is less of an issue and… extrooting solved the storage problem for me.

What changes can be expected on the UI side? It’s be nice to have icons on my Android phone for different scenes rather than having to log in (and since I have another one controlling another home) select the controller and then scroll around to find the correct scene.
It would be especially nice to have an “all on” button on my phonr to turn on all our exterior lights in case of emergency.

I think one of the biggest issues is the amount of times an upgrade goes wrong. The path to getting back running again is too much for the typical user. I have had to SSH in twice to get the thing running again.

What you are describing is not caused by hardware problem. It is more of an operating system/storage partitioning/software issue. I have proven it for myself by migrating the entire system to a completely different hardware set and am still seeing the same issues. (I am now upgrading my firmwares by manually copying batches of files through SCP) The more I investigated the issues the more convinced I am that I do no need a new controller. It is more a matter of how to better utilize it and get a more stable software platform which… the latest UI has made a big step in the right direction.

I am also concerned that new hardware will be a distraction from resolving the real issues. The new hardware seems even less powerful and cheaper… Not what I need at this point. Maybe if I was starting out but not now.

So what to buy now?I have been waiting a year to upgrade, but really wanted to see what the new controllers looked like before deciding.

It really depends on what you are trying to gain out of a new controller. If you do not have a vera plus or secure, it is likely your best option right now. I don’t think anything new will be better since it already has pretty much everything you may want. Even people running home assistant are finding that the vera edge or plus is a better controller than the HA zwave and zigbee component and prefer to bridge into it. If stability is what you are looking for, we have to rely on the firmware improvements and/or If your more adventurous, mod the unit to mitigate the storage and the cloud caused reloads.

“the hub for everyone” is only the start.


Will PLEG be supported or be incorporated into any new hardware/firmware?
How about ALT UI?
How about DataYours?