Honeywell ZWave Thermostat - Cancel PERMANENT Hold

Vera Plus user with 1.7.5186 (7.31) firmware;

I have a Honeywell TH8320ZW Thermostat at a Remote Location. I use the local schedule in the Thermostat itself as the primary method for running the AC (to avoid the possibility of Vera failing to trigger). However I do sometimes use the Vera Plus at that location to allow me to remotely adjust the cooling temperature.

Here is my problem:

When the thermostat is changed locally via the keypad with a TEMPORARY hold or remotely via the Vera App, the built-in schedule overrides the hold at the next programmed time and the device resumes scheduled events - all good!

However when the thermostat is changed locally via the keypad with a PERMANENT hold, the only way I have found to revert to the pre-programed schedule is to press the “Cancel” button on the device itself.

A similar issue happens if I remotely place the thermostat in Energy Savings Mode (ESM) via Vera. If the device is put into ESM via the Vera app and no local change to the set point is made, then I can return the device to locally scheduled mode via remote commands. However when in ESM, any subsequent local change via the keypad to the thermostat cool set point causes the thermostat to activate a PERMANENT hold, which then cannot be remotely cancelled through Vera.

Is anyone aware of a ZWAVE command / Vera LUUP Code for this device that cancels a local PERMANENT hold and returns the device to local (device) scheduling?

No. I just tested a few things but was unable to move out of Permanent Hold. I reviewed the variables and don’t see anything. That was the consensus on the old forum too.

Thankyou @wilme2 for looking into the issue for me. I’ll disable the Honeywell keypad to minimize the chances of it occurring.

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