Honeywell Lynx L7000 integration

Hey Guys,

I have a Vera lite controller with some basic functionality. I just installed a Honeywell Lynx L7000 alarm system with z-wave. I would like to integrate the two systems so the L7000 sends events to the Vera. Obviously I would the Vera to change lights, thermostats, etc when the alarm is armed or disarmed. I saw that you can make one or the other a secondary controller but was not exactly sure how to do it or if it will work the way I wish. Can someone please send me some instructions on how to get these two working together?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Kevin,

I’m also looking at the L7000 as an upgrade to an ancient security panel in my home. It would be ideal to have the L7000 as a secondary controller and still have my Veralite be primary, since I already have lots of scenes / devices set up.

I assume you have the L5100 zwave board installed in your L7000. Have you tried to include it as a device using the normal process from Veralite? If you don’t have the L5100 board, how do you plan on connecting the L7000 to your zwave network / controller?

I wish I could help you further, but I haven’t even gotten the L7000 system yet. I could certainly help with scene creation for doing what you want if you can figure out how to make the L7000 recognizable in the Veralite UI.