Honeywell integration. What will it give me?

I see from this post that I can install a honeywell security system (specifically the Honeywell VISTA-21iP), and integrate it with the Vera3 (yet to buy).

What benefits will this give me? Can the Vera system capture and report the honeywell alerts/alarms? What else can such a configuration do?

I am new to Vera 3, and am doing a full gut rehab, so wish to implement a cohesive home automation security system that will give me not only control of Lights, thermostats, freeze/water sensors, intercom/door opening, but also security.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I suggest you do some more research on this forum. There are many topics on this very subject that answer your very questions. Adding a supported security system exposes the security sensors in vera for use in automation. For example, you can use a security motion sensor to activate lights, etc. You also have the ability to view the sensor and alarm status as well as arm and disarm the alarm.

  • Garrett

Thanks Garret. The ability to utilize the security sensors would add a lot of functionality to the system, without having to add the equivalent Vera sensors.

Knowing that, so I’ll focus on installing honeywell sensors (motion, window, door, freeze, CO) rather than 3rd party z-wave sensors, as they can’t be uses by the honeywell security system.

Now I need to find a good home intercom system, that can both unlock the front door, and communicate with the Vera3…

How do the systems connect? Is it via serial, USB or other cable? Do I locate the security panel next to the Vera3?

the connection method depends on the interface you select. Either usb to vera or through the network. The I/F itself is connected to the panel “4 wires” bus.
To pick your interface of choice look at:

  • the set of features
  • how good the current PlugIn is to access your pannel
  • location and wiring issues
  • main purpose of integration: security vs. automation
  • what Vera Ui5/7 you intend to use
  • prices are mostly in the same ballpark

Nothing is exactly perfect for everyone - You have to analyze your own situation and specific requirements to decide what is best for your needs then things will be easier to pick.

Hope this help 'cause there is no easy answer :blush: