Honeywell/Ademco Plugin using AD2Serial and Wifi-to-Serial Bridge


Can the AD2USB Honeywell/Ademco plugin be used with AD2Serial module? My panel is far form the VeraLite and I want to use Wi-Fi to RS232 and AD2Serial module.


I’m not sure if that will work. Do you maybe have a keypad that is located closer to the vera that you could daisy chain alarm wire from to the ad2usb

No, unfortunately not. I don’t have enough power outlets and wired Ethernet connection near my security panel. I think it would require plugin change to support what I am asking. The current version of plugin requires a local serial port, but I need it to support bidirectional TCP connection to a remote serial port. I see that another plugin for Ademco panel using native RS232 module allows TCP-based remote serial port.

check out what this guy did, may give you some ideas.