Honeywell (Ademco) Alarm support

I am wondering if anyone else has a Honeywell (Ademco) alarm that they want to integrate with Vera. I have been looking at the existing alarm integration plugins and am about to start writing one up for my 20p. If anyone else is interested in this let me know and I will discuss a little more of the details.

I have an Ademco system and am VERY interested in integrating it with Vera.


I have several installations in my area that would love to see this as well, including my home! ;D

I have a Vista 20P myself, and I will love to get it integrated with Vera.

I have a Ademco 4110XP that was installed in my condo when I bought it. I’ve recently started to look at it to figure out if there’s anything I could do with it. Not really sure what would be needed to pass off information to Vera or a plugin, though.

I also have a Honeywell Ademco i48 unit. My monitoring company called me back in May and asked if I wanted to subscribe to the Total Connect services. They informed me that they would need to install a module in the panel at $250.00 and add an extra $16.00 a month on top of the monitoring fess I’m paying now…Ouch !!! I’d be interested integrating it with Vera, even if its only disarming and arming the alarm.

OK, so here is a little more detail. I am just starting to look into this, so no promises just yet. First off, the Ademco/Honeywell control panels are VERY simple state devices from what I can tell. If you have looked at some of the other Alarm interfaces and thought WOW that would be awesome, I believe you are going to be a bit disappointed in how the Ademco device works.

Second, the interface to the alarm panel will be this: It is a 3rd party piece of hardware that decodes the data going across the serial bus on the alarm and basically looks like another keypad to the system.

What I believe I will be able to do is the following:

  1. Expose the alarm state as events (Disarmed, Armed, Stay, Away)
  2. Expose zones as motion sensors
  3. Allow the system to be Armed, Disarmed

There will be no auto-configuration, but the configuration shouldn’t be too hard. We will see where I get with this. Wish me luck.

Will be interested in what you come up with, I’m not against changing out the controls for the alarm system if I can actually get use out of it.

I have been considering the Nutech for my ADT SW3000 (essentially the Vista 20P) but wasn’t clear how to approach integration to Vera. There is also an app on the Android Market for the Vista Pannel, but it is written for the discontinued Honeywell ICM module. Those are scarce now. I am willing to help with configuration/testing if need be once you get the project going. - Thanks!

xphyr, has there been any new developments for the Honeywell plugin.

Im new to vera (about two weeks) and the house I recently bought had a vista 20p / vista 15 alarm system already installed when i bought it. so i would defiantly like to be able to integrate it into my vera especially Expose zones as motion sensors since it has been unused since i moved in. Please let us know if any progress has been made so that if not i can start shopping around for a DSC or Paradox that already has code written. Or if there is any way i can help by testing or anything let me know.


Any updates on the plugin?


xphyr, has there been any developments ?

I have started a plugin for this recently. Here is the thread:

I have either an Ademco 15 or 20. I have a service through my cable company. Would be great to interface with it without the cable company being involved. I looked into ADT Pulse but they want about $30 per month more than what I pay now.

I have an Ademco Vista-10SE and very interested!

See the following link:

It works with the 10SE. you just need to buy AD2USB from NuTech.