Honeywell 8320zwave Functions

I just installed and connected to my Vera3 on a vacation home. I am new to the system and still stuck on a few items.
First question. Not a Vara item but Honeywell. Is there anywhere that I can find the Setup Functions with explanations. 615 Energy Savings Heat Setpoint still has me confused. I set mine at 55 but was still able to lower the thermostat below that. Not sure if this is an override that just kicks in if it goes below this temp. This is a vacation home and I am trying to have a normal mode when there but have it go to 55 when not there.
Second part. On my Vera page. I am unable to set a Permanent Hold on temp if I have the Thermostat Programming on. If I use the Vera dashboard feature set to Away the temp can be controlled but the Thermostat still shows Temp Hold. Same if I set up an Away Scene. It is always a temp hold. I want to be able to get a permanent Hold on temp when away.
I did follow some other instructions here on not using the Thermostat control and only using Vera. I was able to get this to work but don’t really want to override the Thermostat controls as I have guests who might need to make changes to the settings. Ideally I would like to use the Thermostat controls for normal mode and just set up a vacation scene that can give a permanent hold on temp.

615 Energy Savings Heat Setpoint and 616 only apply to when the Thermostat is in “Energy Savings Mode”.

How do I get to the energy savings mode. I have not found anywhere where I can turn it on.
My understanding, maybe wrong, is that these were factory setpoints that kicked in if they thermostat did a reboot or if you never set up a program.
Is there anywhere that I can find a real manual for the Honeywell. Something that actually explains each code that a not technical person can understand.

Vera can set Energy Savings. It was designed to be triggered by z-wave. The manuals that came with it are the only ones I have seen…