Homewave not connecting to wifi any more

I have been using Homewave for a while, and have not changed my wifi settings. Normally, when at home it logs into my wifi and i have the white wifi symbol on the top right. Lately i have noticed whenever i am at home, although i am logged into my wifi, when i open Homewave it connects via 3G, as its the white cloud sysmbol now. Very strange. I have not changed any setting. Not sure how long thats been the case, might have been since the update to 1.70

Try changing the "“Timeout on LAN” setting (Settings app->HomeWave) to a higher value, that might help. Also I have noticed that sometimes if you unlock your iPhone and go into HomeWave straight away, it’ll still be on 3G for a moment, so that’s what HomeWave will use. Lastly, check the HomeWave settings for the Vera IP, make sure that it is correct, and try connecting to it from the Phone’s browser.

If none of that helps, please enable Logging in the settings, open HomeWave, and (if it again connects through 3G), open the Info screen (little I button on the home screen) and click the Mail Logs button. After sending the mail with the log, disable logging again.