HomeSeer HS-WX300?

Has anyone tried to pair the new HS-WX300 with vera? It looks very interesting.

Like its a replacement for both their WD200+ and WS200+ (a one time setup to choose dimming or switch).

I have a few of them and they are working well. Mine are all in dimmer mode with no neutral. I’m definitely happy with them so far.

I just installed a HS-WD200+ dimmer switch on my Vera plus controller. This switch has the ability to control scenes, so if, foe example, you double tap the light switch, it could lock/unclock your door. Tripple tap could open/close a garage door. You can also change the color of the RGB lights, and set them to a specific color based on the state of your device. For example if the garage door is open, it is red, if closed, it is green. I am trying to figure out how to configure this switch through VEra and my hunt on-line has come up empty handed.

I asked for HomeSeer support and this is what they said…

"With your WD200 added to Vera, you should see two different features for it: one for dimming control and one for central scenes (the name for this feature may appear differently in Vera). The central scene value should change based on whether you press the dimmer once, twice, etc on either the on or off positions. This is what allows for the multitap automation activation.

As for adjusting the behavior of the LED’s, that will be done with parameters. I am not sure how parameters for Z-Wave devices are adjusted in Vera, but all parameters for the WD200 can be seen on page 4 in the guide below:"

I am looking for some help or instructions for configuring this in Vera. Just curious if anyone had gone through this setup process already who can share how it is done.

Thank you!

Look in the user manual for this device and find all the possible Z-Wave parameter settings listed. You may need to configure one to turn on scene activation etc.

In the Vera Ui7 Web interface, in the device, under “Devices Options” you can add configuration parameter settings in there.

Regarding scene activation itself, I’d start by going in to the devices Advanced area and the variables tab and looking for the central scenes variable(s) in question and if they change values upon double and triple clicks etc.

You may need to refresh the browser page to see the values be updated and changed.

You then maybe able to create a Vera scene that has its trigger based on these variables changing, but I’m not sure exactly how to do that.

Are you using a 3rd party rules engine like Reactor or Multi System Reactor (MSR) with your Vera ?

I used MSR rules for scene activation and extra clicks on my Fibaro modules / wall switches.


I wrote about my MSR setup with the Fibaro modules here, might give you some pointers about Scene Activation.