HomeSeer HS-WS200+ RGB Wall Switch

Has anyone else tried the HS-WS200+ wall switch from HomeSeer? I love the concept of this switch as it adds a multi-color status LED that has an adjustable blink rate. It’s a great idea for my entry way where I can get a quick status of the house without having to add something else to the wall. But it’s not perfect because the LED is so dim. Blue is basically invisible in normal light. Red and green and white and magenta are okay. Cyan is so close to white that I can’t reliably tell the difference. I’m wondering if I got a defective unit or that’s just the way they are. In a dim room this is likely fine. In fact I would think that the brightness ought to be adjustable. You may not want it to be much brighter if you intend to have this in your bedroom. I wrote to HomeSeer tech support but never got a response.

Just wondering if anyone else has tried this. Or knows of a similar product.

I have all the older model Homeseer switches about 13 total, love them, style and function. EXCEPT, as far as I know you can’t fully use their functionality, the multi tap to trigger scenes, so I doubt the new RGB switches would be programmable.

I’m pretty sure that you can use the RGB with Vera because these are set by parameters, not as a Z-wave device. You can use the sendData via luup in a scene which should allow the use of them (painfully, but not too bad once the scene is set up).,1937.msg81076.html#msg81076

Please try out my new plugin which supports the HomeSeer WS200+ and other HomeSeer wall devices.

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