HomePro ZDP200 Z-Wave 300 reset ?

Hi guys,

I need to connect my HomePro ZDP200 Z-Wave 300 devices to another VERA (3), they are now connected to a VERA LITE.

I don’t seem to find anywhere on the net, nor in the manual, how you need to reset the HomePro ZDP200 Z-Wave 300 ?

Anyone ideas ?



Did you try excluding them, the same way you included them? (From either Vera.)

Nope, but let’s say that works, but I’m thinking for example a scenario, where you sell them to someone, or your vera gets broken, or somehow you replace your controller where the old one isn’t available anymore, than there should be a way to “reset” the plug without controller like for example the everspring plugs do have…

Anything that can act as a primary controller can exclude any zwave device that was bound/included to a previous or current zwave controller. In short I could walk around your home with a 10 dollar GE zwave remote control and exclude any device I can lay my hands on to press the devices on/off button…

Yea this kinda threw me for a loop too.

As said, it will work from the controller that you’re trying to include into. Some devices do have a separate reset function. But on some devices that resets ‘everything’, but the Z-Wave information; so you’d still have to do an exclude to reset that.

Ok thats clear (I’m kinda new to this).

Thanks for the help guys !