HomeKit and Vera - what am I missing?

I simply would like my First Alert Smoke/CO Alarm to communicate with Vera, just to send me an alert, like it does using its Homekit enabled software. It communicates with Homekit, and I got Homebridge (almost) working but it means I can see Vera but Vera cannot see Homekit. That is unforetunate and also means when I next replace my smoke alarms, I will NOT get Homekit-compatible hardware, but something more universal that Vera can work with. It is a shame Apple still does not play nice with others. And I am not an anti-Apple person. I have had an iPhone since the original in 2007 and my wife since 2008. Great product. But they do lock down their hardware.

Hi guys,

I am writing a plugin for Homebridge.

Checkout homebride-bvera and let me know what you think!

The git repository is a bit outdated but I’ve uploaded to npm recently.

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