Hive active heating

Does anyone know which protocol hive (sold by British gas) uses ? I’m sure it’s not zwave but was interested to find out if its zigbee or something similar. I’m keen to have vera control heating and hot water (just so can have a nice automated heating system).

Google tells me it uses ZigBee:

Technically, the new Hive system will work on the ZigBee wireless protocol, so could then be integrated into other home automation controllers and the new Hive product offering builds in previous British Gas active remote offerings.


Could be some hope of a vera link up at some point then. Another hub Is not ideal but might be a nice simple solution. Will see how it goes and of course what else pops up at CES.

Talking to a gas engineer it sounds and looks like this is a good bit of kit so it it links Up at some point it could be a nice solution. The guy was at my house doing some other stuff and was clearly a gadget man and very interesting in seeing the zwave stuff (we got talking after he saw a hue box in my airing cupboard and asked what it was like as it was something he was trying) we then spent ages chatting about various HA items and at the end of it he showed me his HIVE system at home via his app. Clearly he works for the company but was also a genuine guy who likes his gadgets and we’d had a really nice chat. He said the first attempt they had was not good but this one is very good. He even spent some time googling zwave stuff during his lunch break and came back with further questions so it was nice to be able to give someone some pointers in the right direction.

I might try HIVE, it’s not that expensive fitted, if it fits into vera at some point that would be nice but being a stand alone system won’t be any worse than I have now and it will be much more controllable than what I’ve got now ( I can’t turn the heating up unless I’m in the house at the moment).

Thought I’d share in case anyone else is thinking of giving it a go.

It is definitely Zigbee. Was told that by the BG manager who sold it to me on their stand at a show.

The Hub device is from AlertMe. See []

Incidentally, this link to the AlertMe forum might be useful to any hackers out there

By the way, Hive works well. Would be nice to hook up to my Vera 3, though, for integrated control

Sorry to resurrect this, but it probably the most relevant thread.

Some guys have managed to use JSON to query and set the temperatures. I’m not a programmer and wouldn’t know the first thing about his, but can someone have a look and see how hard it would be to integrate this into vera?



having Hive fitted today and would like to integrate it with my existing Vera Lite system