Histroric usage Graph

Hi all,

My first post here, probably the start of many…
I’m a new user to the Vera/zwave system and pretty pleased with the system.

I started with a basic kit veraLite and 2 AN158 Everspring I like the power usage info, and started looking into that.

Now the question : I see in the energy usage the usage over time for the device(s) hooked into the plugs, but in the Pie chart what
I think is the interesting part is that I only see the numbers and not the Device(Name) what seems strange to me as this doesn’t provide usefull

see attached screenshot to clarify what I mean.

For test purpose the devices (Tv Corner and the freezer)


how did you do this graph? which plug in?



The graph is done via the built-in Energy usage tool in the Energy Tab (ui5) the historic usage
According to all info I found on this forum I also kept the ergy plugin Disabled.


I think this has changed in UI5. IIRC, in my UI4 Vera2 the names of the devices where present in the pie-chart. However, mouse over will give you the name of the devices.

With the previous rendition, the graph’s key would be larger than the graph itself (and would overlay it, completely) once you had about 10+ Power metering devices on it. I have 14, and will shortly have -> 32, so I suspect their fix was to remove the key altogether.


Well that’ s a good way to solve a bug :slight_smile:

It would 've been nice to see this working, guess I’ll set up the Data mining tool/plugin to follow up on the usage of some devices.
It’s all good knowing the usage but in a while you stop looking at it so not a big deal but it’s a nice plus
It was the same when we installed the solar panels constantly looking at their output and first thing you did when you came home was go look at the meter and see who had the best guess (me or my Wive) in the car what the yield would be… lol and now the meter is collecting dust so to speak :slight_smile: