Hikvision DS-2CD2120F-I

Hello Guys,

Just found out that MCV actually has created integration for Hikvision cameras but apparently only for two models (DS-2CD2Q10FD-IW - Hikvision Mini PT - DS-2CD1410F-IW - Hikvision IR Cube )

This plugin can be found under the apps menu on UI7.

I have tried installing it, hoping that my DS-2CD2120F-I would work, without success. Had a quick look on the plugin initialization on a terminal window on Vera and could see the following:

50 07/20/16 2:54:37.291 luup_log:157: (Hikvision)::(Startup) : plugin rev 5, device #157-Hikvision <0x76bfc520>
50 07/20/16 2:54:37.291 luup_log:157: (Hikvision)::(CheckBasicCameraVariables) : Checking… <0x76bfc520>
50 07/20/16 2:54:37.292 luup_log:157: (Hikvision)::(CheckBasicCameraVariables) : Debug mode enabled. <0x76bfc520>
50 07/20/16 2:54:37.334 luup_log:157: (Hikvision)::(Reconfigure) : camera is activated <0x76bfc520>
50 07/20/16 2:54:38.239 luup_log:157: (Hikvision)::(SetWifiValues) : WiFi disabled or not an Access Point <0x76bfc520>
50 07/20/16 2:54:38.240 luup_log:157: (Hikvision)::(ConfigureStream) : start configuring stream <0x76bfc520>
50 07/20/16 2:54:38.240 luup_log:157: (Hikvision)::(ConfigureStream) : not a Hikvision camera, nothing to do <0x76bfc520>
50 07/20/16 2:54:38.240 luup_log:157: (Hikvision)::(ConfigureMotionSensor) :Unsupported camera model, nothing to do… <0x76bfc520>
50 07/20/16 2:54:38.241 luup_log:157: (Hikvision)::::(ConfigureDateTimeTimezone) : start… <0x76bfc520>
50 07/20/16 2:54:38.273 luup_log:157: (Hikvision)::(ConfigureDateTimeTimezone) : not a Hikvision camera, nothing to do <0x76bfc520>
50 07/20/16 2:54:38.274 luup_log:157: (Hikvision)::(Startup) : Startup OK! <0x76bfc520>

I have attached the MCV implementation file for Hikvision and the development guide. Is there someone that finds this useful ?

Thanks much.

figured out myself. thank you

i got the mentioned camera working although it has fw version 5.3.0.

will come back with details as it s late now and i m on a tablet

Please share more when you can. There are many using these cameras and it would be great to have other integration options.

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Was there any update on how you got this working?

Hello Guys,

In case the person that initiated the post does not share his findings I am posting a file that adds support for DS-2CD2120F-I .But it needs a couple of things to be done in order to have it show an image to Vera.

Specific for DS-2CD2120F-I , you need to create a Generic camera as shown here with : http://wiki.mios.com/index.php/Manually_create_IP_Camera_device

Instead of the example in the link, you have to use : I_HikvisionIPCamera.xml for Upnp Implementation Filename. Other fields are as described.

Create camera device then reload the engine, from Settings-> Z-wave Settings-> Advanced -> Reload Engine. A browser refresh might also be needed.

At this point if you navigate to Cameras menu, you camera should be there with a live stream.

In case it says “Invalid snapshot URL” , it might be missing or has not generated the URL variable which for DS-2CD2120F-I is Streaming/Channels/1/picture .

To create the URL for the camera, go to Camera Settings-> Extra parameters. First check under Advanced if you don’t already have the URL field, which looks empty, or if it’s simply not there. If it’s not there, under the same page, click on New services and add the following:

New service: urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:Camera1
New variable: URL
New value: Streaming/Channels/1/picture

Press on Done, then Reload engine again. Refresh page and you should have a working DS-2CD2120F-I with live stream.

Known issues :

-Motion detection will not work
-Stream on Vera web UI will only be frame by frame and not benefit of H.264 full frame streaming like Vistacam 700/ 1100 . As this camera is not supported by UI7 web player.
-Stream on mobile will work full frame however.
_other issues might be preset.

Please note that this is just put together by the Customer care team and it’s not a official integration which adds full compatibility with this camera.

Hi John,

Does it mean Vera able to support any Hikvision Camera that using “Streaming/Channels/1/picture” url? And i assume it is able to play full frame by using Vera mobile app?

Thanks for your kind attention.

I’m afraid that the image on the Vera web UI won’t be full frame. However, the video on the mobile app is actually full frame.

Also, if you setup recording on motion detection from a dedicated motion sensor, it will record in full frame motion.

That’s because Vera’s web player only supports full frame streaming for Vistacam cameras.

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