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I have HikVision DS-2DE3304W-DE and DS-2CD2035FWD-I cameras which are not directly supported by Vera. I did see a number of posts where a good deal of effort is necessary to get unsupported cameras to work - maybe. I’m beginning to wonder if integrating home security cameras into Vera is worth the effort when there is the option of gaining Internet access to the cameras and NVR via the camera manufacturers software. Seems to me that there may be some advantages to keeping the two systems independently accessible. What do you all think?

I know a lot of people are using an independent VMS and some are integrating that into Vera. I plan to do this with BlueIris like many others have done.

Very happy with Blue Iris.

Thanks for the prompt comments guys, I appreciate it! I also looked into BlueIris VMS/NVR software and actually downloaded the demo and fiddled around. I concluded that their development effort has been lost intensity lately looking at the slowdown of releases making me wonder where they are headed. Of course it’s not free either. When I purchased the HikVision cameras, I noticed they included their iVMS client software which seems to do what I needed BlueIris to do - including the NVR function. So I ordered a NAS and pointed iVMS to it and it works like a charm. The software also allows you to setup a lot of event driven alarms such as motion, line crossing, intrusion and tampering. This approach leaves little doubt that I will have camera/VMS/NVR compatibility issues, but of course I am now married to HikVision. I concluded other camera vendors will follow suit if they haven’t already, as offering free (included) VMS/NVR with their gear provides a key differentiator in an already crowded field.

So my Vera Plus has a lot going on already with a Honeywell-Vista panel connected, leak detector, smoke alarm and now planning to add garage door opener-sensor and other smart items. When Vera alerts me, I likely have an issue I need to pay attention to via the mobile app. So I am wondering what would be the downside of simply having another app that gives me access to the VMS to verify what Vera might be telling me?

I have a number of HikVision camera integrated. The primary purpose is to be able to get the video stream onto HomeWave iOS App. Then I can have the control to open the garage door alongside the CCTV feed from the garage. Open the door remotely, let the delivery guy put the package inside, see what he does (and make sure he is gone) before closing the door again. Also beats swapping between the CCTV App and Vera App. Much better for non technical members of the family.

The following works.
Add it as a generic camera using:


For 4MP camera I found that forcing a lower resolution was needed.


BUT 2nd MAY firmware upgrade BREAKS this on Hikvision v5.5 firmware.

This is because v5.5 changes the default authentication from basic to digest. Change it to digest/basic (in 2 places security and network) and Vera works again.

I use VeraMate and feed all cameras to a single composite from Blue Iris. So I can look at the composite or open the Garage room to control the door while looking at the camera. About a month ago, I had to let the condo manager into my garage to shut my building’s water. I was able to watch them come, turn off the water, leave, and about an hour later, return, turn on the water, and then leave.

VeraMate has a high WAF.

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