Hiding a scene from the Vera Mobile iPhone app

While browsing through the intro section for luup code, it mentioned:

Since this scene is something that happens automatically and you probably won't execute manually, you can go to the scene again and check the "Hidden" box so the scene doesn't show up on Vera's 'Dashboard' and on your remote controls,

For the life of me, I can’t seem to find the “hidden” box. It would be nice to hide certain scenes that are only used for automation, so my Vera Mobile iPhone app is less cluttered and easier to navigate.

Is this feature gone or am I missing something?


Did you find how to hide a scene? I have a bunch of scenes I created so my remote controls would work but I don’t want those scenes to show up in the Vera App.

There is no way unless the developer of the app provides some sort of way to hide scenes / devices. My app for android allows for this, and others may do the same.

  • Garrett

I deleted most of my scenes and use PLEG to perform the operations I used to have setup as scenes. Now the only scenes I have are those I want to be able to click on from my phone or PC.