HEM v1 suddenly stopped updating Phase 1

My HEM v1 has been working fine for months, i recently reset and rebuilt the z wave network (2 weeks ago) a couple days ago the Phase 1 child device stopped updating, it has held the same value since then, total watts and phase 2 still update.

Is there a way to fix this update issue without reconfiguring the device?

If you do a search in the forum you will see a couple of different threads related to this device. There are some suggested configurations that appear to make it freeze less. However, mine continues to ‘freeze’. You can try reloading from a backup, but if you don’t monitor it you many not know when it ‘froze’ and therefore don’t know how far back to go to restore. So either restore from backup or select ‘configure node right now’ from the advanced/commands tab for the main HEM device.

Check out this page which contains the recommended settings for Aeon HEM’s