Hi Everybody,

For a week now I am a proud owner of a vera edge, I also own a dutch domotica set called Homewizard which is quite good in energy monitoring and KAKU switches (433Mhz stuff).

My first step into Z-wave was Domoticz and I was very pleased with it, especially the configurability etc.
The stability of Domoticz though raised some concerns and I started looking for a solid platform for domotica with a focus on Z-wave but other options also.
Fibaro HC is very nice but extremely expensive and not that open, Zipato looks very modular which I like a lot but seems to be unable also, so I ended up at Vera. I liked Vera because of its openness, price and the plugins.

Now a week into my first impressions with Vera the feelings are a bit mixed. I like the openness, I like the gui, I like th plugins, I like the fact that it supports everything I though at it without any problems, so far so good.

Now my frustrations (I say frustrations because the limitations are probably due to my knowledge of the system).

The guy is slooooooooooooowwwwwww!!! My god this is frustrating!! Come one Vera this has to improve!!

Grouping my hues into groups so I can switch them of an don with one button, still not found out how to do this, a scene is not what I had erin mind for this.
Energy monitoring, of 2 days now I get a login screen from ergy and the days that it works it is slow, also I hate the fact that I can’t do local energy meetering.
The energy consumption of the plus, I only can see the realtime usage, i street a way of seeing the usage overtime with having to rely on the terrible ergy??

I miss options to monitor my Solar panels with a S0 KHW power meter.

These are the most annoying issues I ran into.
Hope these issues are cause by my inexperience with the Vera and someone can help me out find the path to Vera enlightenment.



The ergy plugin basically doesn’t work.

Tech support are aware and they are “working on it”

I’ve not noticed any issues with slow reaction, do you have a DLNA server running? this can cause issues.

If you want a fast UI install AltUI plugin. You can find the details on this forum.
Also use a native mobile app like for example VeraMate or Imperihome.

HI Yes I am using the native mobile client but I am talking about the web ui.
Anyway, annoying that energy monitoring is not working.

Any other options, it is frustrating that I can only see what a device is using now and not over time.

And what about the grouping of hues, any body tips there?

AltUI is a replacement web interface, that installs as a plugin… As mcalistair said, give that a go.

[quote=“Ftome, post:4, topic:190837”]Anyway, annoying that energy monitoring is not working.

Any other options, it is frustrating that I can only see what a device is using now and not over time.[/quote]

If you install AltUI, you could push the usage data to thingspeak, which would give you graphing over time. Works great for me to track temperatures, I’d imagine it would do just as well graphing power consumption.

I have groups of hue lights showing up on my UI (Using intveltr’s hue plugin, not the MIOS one), although I’ve never tried to use them, as I have the individual lights controlled by PLEG / PLTS rules.