Help with Washing Machine/Tumble Dryer notification

I have recently moved over from Samsung Smartthings and am finally getting on well with PLEG as the issues i had originally with settings not taking has been resolved. and i have been moving everything over in earnest with good results. however i am stuck now on how to do the logic of how to do the following. i have energy monitoring switches and what i did originally on smartthings was treat the washing machine or Tumble dryer as on when the energy usage exceeds 5W for over 3 minutes and then alert only when the energy use has dropped below 5W for 3 minutes.

now i did this in Smartthings by using a state variable and setting it as True or False if the washing machine was deemed to be running or not…does PLEG have the same ability? can you give me an example on how to achieve the above? thanks

ok i have figured it out, i was originally using a device property which is why my logic wasn’t working too well, changing to a trigger where usage goes above 5 watts, so now i am using

m_Home AND !t_WashingMachineOn > 180 AND t_WashingMachineOn > 360 AND ( m_Home; !t_WashingMachineOn )

in my testing this looks to working fine!

I don not understand what you are trying to do. What are you trying to do with 180 and 360 ?
You are mixing bookean and numeric operators in a non meaningful way.

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my thinking was only alert when the false and true timestamps both exceed 180 & 360 seconds respectively. in my testing this seems to work i.e. sometimes the current can dip below 5w momentarily but this ensures the transition has been at least 3 minutes apart which roots out false positives. as i said this does seem to work as i expect, however i haven’t tested extensively yet as the wife doesnt have anything to wash yet :slight_smile:

You use the # operator to get a timestamp.

A time stamp has the value of the number of milliseconds since Jan 1, 1970 @ 00:00:00
You need to subtract two time stamps to get a the number of seconds BETWEEN the two timestamps.

ok thanks i will relook at the logic again

The notification of the washing machine tumble dryer can be done if the machine sensor is connected with the notification device. But the issue is that connection is not getting established and the digital panel of the machine also not working as well. I have to ask the washing machine repair service for this.

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