Help with Variable condition

I need help with code for the following senario:
If someone inside Toilet /Rest-Room for more then ~5 minutes, power ON the vent for 2 min.

I had Motion sensor inside the toilet for trigger.
I wrote the following condition:
1 - GToilet_Vent_On GToilet$occupied and (GToilet$occupied; Now > 00:05:00) //if true - power on vent.
2 - GToilet$occupied GToilet eq “vacent” AND G_Toilet_Motion_unarmed < 6:00 //if true, set Variable GToilet: occupied.
3 - GToilet$vacent !G_Toilet_Motion_unarmed AND (!G_Toilet_Motion_unarmed; Now > 1:00) AND GToilet eq “occupied” //if true, set Variable GToilet: vacent.
4 - GToilet_Vent_OffGToilet_Vent_on AND (GToilet_Vent_on; Now> 2:00) //if true, power off vent.
Conditions 2,3,4 working well.
Condition 1 is not working - action is ok, but condition immediately true and not with 5 min. delay.
Thanks for your help,

Welcome to the board. It would be helpful if you can attach a PDF of your Status Report. The Status Report will be your friend in helping determine when conditions are actually met, when triggers are true or false, and when they happened.

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