Help with the temperature variable in PLEG

hi i am newbie in PLEG program and i have problems with my project with the temperature device. In need to light on a lamp when the temperature drops below 15 degrees
I added at device properties, but when making the conditions to execute an action i?m lost because not know the parameters to do it.

I need to “translate”

if current temperature < 15
do lightlampon (turns on the lamp)
do lightlamp2on (turns on lamp2)

Can you help me? please? I read and read and not see the solution i only found this example but not work

Input: HeatSet when …

ChangeDetected (HeatSet != OldHeatSet)
OldHeatSet HeatSet
Dummy NOW

It can be a starts but not work.


If your device property is called CurrentTemp

Then you need two conditions:

AutoLamp1On CurrentTemp < 15
AutoLamp2On Not AutoLampOn

Then add actions to the AutoLamp1On and AutoLamp2On conditions to actually turn the appropriate lights on/off.

Current temp is the variable, the name of the device is TempSen

I understand that works with the name not whit the variavle

Thanks for the quick response!!