Help with luup requests

I am writing an application that will send commands to my Vera Edge in order to control devices that are connected to it. I found this document that seems to have a lot of the commands I will need:

I currently have one GE dimmer switch connected to the Vera. I can turn it off and on using the following commands that are meant to turn off and on all of the lights:



Just a note, I do replace ip_address with the actual static IP of my Vera. I looked in the web interface and the device ID of the switch is 2. When I try the following commands from the doc to specifically control that switch, they are unsuccessful:



I have tried a number of variations of these commands as well. I am currently just entering them into the browser to determine the correct commands. Can someone help me determine what I am doing wrong?

Are you sure the Device ID is 2 ?
You need the “ID” field from the Advanced tab.