Help with HTTP command"Off"

I am trying to set the mode to off on a CT22 Radio Thermostat via HTTP and I received an error “ERROR: Device does not handle service/action”

Can some one tell me what I am doing wrong? I will like some example if possible to read the temp and status.

A few issues:

a) The Action is [tt]SetModeTarget[/tt], not [tt]SetMode[/tt]
b) The Parameter is [tt]NewModeTarget[/tt], instead of [tt]Mode[/tt]
c) You have encoded space ([tt]%20[/tt]) and doubleQuote ([tt]%22[/tt]) characters in your URL that should be removed

… at least according to [tt]S_HVAC_UserOperatingMode1.xml[/tt], assuming Vera is on :wink:

Also, besides the XML, have a look at the wiki.

Thanks for your time, is working.

Thanks for the link, that really help.


I run almost to the same problem with this one:

to request the temp.

I there any document that show command for most of the devices? So I can take a look



for a list of UPnP actions and consult


for a list of arguments.

Do not assume that all actions/arguments are implemented and do not assume that the contents of [tt][/tt] is consistent (cf. [tt],8386.msg53432.html#msg53432[/tt]).