Help with Honeywell L5100. AND Refurb Veralites on ebay. Real, Fake, Scam?

Long story short, is that I have a Honeywell L5100 doing my z-wave controlling now. It handles automation well enough, but I am looking to start doing more advanced stuff than it was designed for. I started off by buying an Aeon Labs Z-stick. It does not play well with the L5100. If I exclude everything from my L5100, include it to the Z-Stick, then include the Z-stick as a controller on the L5100, it shares devices, but doesn’t develop a secure connection between the two, so the L5100 can not control the door locks. I also can not make the L5100 become the primary again for some reason. It’s really frustrating, and from the little bit that is on the internet, it looks like the L5100 just doesn’t play nicely with other controllers. I did see a post on here where someone got the Veralite to work though, so I am inclined to try the Veralite, but $180 is expensive for an experiment. I found these “refurbished” Veralites on ebay for $95 shipped.

Does anyone know if they are real, or if they are knockoffs, or if it is just a scam? If they are real, I would risk $95 to see if it would work and develop some the apps I was planning, but not if the units are junk.

Also, if anyone has any insight on making the Z-Stick work with an L5100, I would love to get some input.


Looks really cheap, the seller has 93 100% ratings but its not a new unit its a Factory Refurb
Good luck

I bought one yesterday and in Paypal the verified seller is listed as Mi Casa Verde, Inc. . Seems legit to me.

Did it give their address? Is it the same as Vera’s address?

Holy Moly! They sold out already. I missed out. That sucks.

I did not get an address but the order was fulfilled today from and I have received tracking info.

To the other half of the question - I have a Lynx 5100 and a VeraLite. You can create a primary/secondary relationship. I ran this way for almost a year. I tried it both ways and had the best experience when Vera was primary and the Lynx panel was secondary. I found that to establish this you need to have 2.78 compatibility enabled in Vera and when you pair them you need the devices to be right next to each other (literally within a foot).

I eventually gave up on this because the Lynx panel was not performing well once I got above about 30 devices. The panel itself would operate slower than normal using the touch screen and it would occasionally show up with an error in Vera. I would have to remove the Lynx and add it back, which meant typing all the device names in again on the touch panel. Also the Lynx would not consistently arm/disarm automatically based on door lock user PIN #'s.

My new plan is to run two separate z-wave networks, and split devices. The door locks and a few switches will be associated with the Lynx panel, and the rest will be controlled by Vera. I’m hoping the Lynx will be stable with fewer devices. There are a few scenes I would really like to trigger based on security sensors. Unfortunately the “scenes” with the Lynx panel allow for only 1 step, so you can turn a light on when a door opens but you cannot set it to turn off after 10 minutes, etc.

Ideally the L5100 would be a controller in the same network and the Vera would detect when it runs a scene #, but I have never been successful in getting that to work. If anyone has, I would love to hear what you had to do.

Don’t mean to side-track this thread but this thread seems to have the right guys with L5100 experience!

Any of you guys have set up a scene/rule where “when I disarm AT NIGHT, turn on a light?”

I know I can set up a scene/rule to “when I disarm, turn on a light” - but I really don’t want to turn on a light when it is day time. I can do the “at night” condition easily in Vera, but I can’t tap into the “disarm” event. So I am kind of stuck with L5100 for this particular one.


[quote=“Bulldoglowell”]So, you can use the Day/Night plugin and cancel the scene with Lua if it is daytime.

also, with PLEG you should be able to use the alarm status change as a trigger.[/quote]

How are you getting the Vera to detect the L5100 arm/disarm status?


This gets a little tricky because you have to make a schedule to run a rule to run a scene. The tricky part is that certain things in rules and scenes disqualify it from being schedulable. You kind of have to play with it to see what will work. For example, I use key fob remotes. So I have a rule that says whenever the L5100 runs arm stay it needs to make sure the garage is closed, the doors are locked, and the outside lights are off, but does not affect the inside lights. However, instead of having disarm rules, I have rules that run when certain keys are pressed on the keyfob for two reasons. 1) I wanted to be able to disarm the alarm without unlocking doors, and opening garage doors. 2) I have different entry methods programmed into my keyfob. If I am coming in the front door I don’t need my garage door opened, the garage door lock unlocked, or the garage lights turned on (and vice versa). So I have different disarm scenes, that are run by rules that run based on keyfob combinations rather than disarm conditions. I know this sounds confusing, so if you want to give me the specifics of your configuration and what you are trying to do, I can try to give you better instructions. But, the reason I told you all of that, is that the Schedule portion was disqualified by either the rule that was triggered by the arm stay condition, or the keyfob zone trigger. I can’t remember which one did not work. I wound up taking it out because we came home on a really ugly day once and it was dark and nasty outside, and I wished the lights had come on despite it being earlier in the day. There really was no reason not to have them come on. The only real scheduling I have is, I make it turn off my golf cart charger between the hours of 7pm and 10 am. My EMT buddy said the two most common reasons for fire calls is golf cart chargers and toaster ovens. He said if you have a golf cart charger and let it run while you sleep, you’re asking to die.

But the answer to your question is

Automation → Schedules → Add New
Frequency: Daily
Type: Rule

Set the times that you believe are daylight times, then build a rule that runs a scene, to turn on lights, based on a condition (either keyfob press, or disarm condition).


p.s. does everyone else have the verification. I hate it. I swear I re-write every post I make on here.

apologies, i didn’t realize that there wasn’t a plugin for that panel

My new Veralite will be here tomorrow.

Sounds like you are creating the scene from the panel, rather than from the alarmnet website? Could you give us a quick step by step for a conditional scene from the panel? I also tested scenes based on the keyfab but I didn’t realize you could base them on time of day. A big question in my mind is which controller will own the garage door.

That’s why I want the Vera to be secondary. I really rarely use the Total Connect, other than to send me alerts. I will probably experiment with it more later though. I tried to get the L5100 connect app to run outside my intranet via a VPN, but the panel was too smart for that. If I had gotten that to work, it would have given me everything that Total Connect did without having to pay for it. I still think there is a way to make that work through VPN.